Live Review: Jingle Bell Rock with Eddie Money, Edgar Winter, John Cafferty

Published on December 17th, 2012


December 15, 2012 – Christmas came early this December for classic rock fans. The second year of Eddie Money‘s foray into the Christmas rock package tour entitled “Jingle Bell Rock” saw the singer joined in concert by two fellow alums of the classic rock era – Edgar Winter and John Cafferty.

Although the three vocalists stuck mainly to their bread and butter in song choice during their respective sets, the end of the show brought them together for a final holiday number as two Christmas trees anchored each end of the stage.

An excellent choice to kick things off, Cafferty’s pop-friendly brand of heartland rock brought the sold out crowd at New Town, North Dakota’s 4 Bears Casino to their feet almost instantly.

Located in the heart of the state’s record oil rush, attendance at the venue is up among all age groups including young oil patch workers looking for a Saturday night rockout.

Eddie, Edgar and John had the answer.

Alternating vocals, keytar, drums, and saxophone, multi-instrumental wonder Edgar Winter made the stage his own in a literal sense. Favoring elaborate jumps in the air and belting out high notes on his knees at the edge of the stage, it’s a wonder he’s days away from his 66th birthday.

The dazzling “Frankenstein” sounded crisp even in the older venue.

If there’s someone with even more difficult to contain than Winter, it’s Eddie Money. The headliner wasted no time making friends with with the entire crowd, smiling and shaking hands while delivering a tight set of his famous hits, made even more famous by a recent pop culture resurgence of his that seems to be afoot.

If this young crowd chanting “Eddie” was any indication, Money might just be hip all over again.

His voice continues to be in fine shape, along with the ‘Money magic’ that’s made him such a loved entertainer all these years. Few in the business can work a room with out ever leaving the stage, but that’s his specialty.

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