Live Review: Quirky and Funny, Todd Rundgren Delights His Fans

Published on July 9th, 2011

June 28, 2011 – Underrated isn’t the right word to describe the multi-talented American music legend Todd Rundgren. To those who’ve listened to his vast collection of albums over a storied career of 40 years, he’s a rock hero like no other. Rather, underexposed is the right way to put it. Never being the “radio hit” type of guy, Rundgren has become known for doing things in his own quirky way. It’s made him a favorite of critics and his fans, but still a relative unknown to much of the mainstream public. But those lucky fans are in for a treat on his current tour.

He starts his show at the historic Birchmere music club in Alexandria, Virginia with some odd bits. Walking around like some sort of mad guitar scientist he flexes his muscles and checks his watch. These are some unconventional poses, but that’s Todd Rundgren for you.

A Philadelphia soul master, he’s been called a kindred spirit of Daryl Hall. And while Hall takes a more traditional approach to music, the two have been jamming out more than usual lately. It started on “Live from Daryl’s House”, Hall’s monthly webcast series, where Rundgren quickly became a favorite guest. A month ago the two played a show together at the intimate Music Box, one of two venues hosted by Atlantic City’s famous Borgata. One couldn’t help but think how great the show could have been with both, but Todd on his own is more than enough for optimum music pleasure.

After showing off his rock chops, Todd seated himself on a stool to play a stripped down set. He sounds different than he did on original recordings of say, the seminal album Something/Anything, but it’s a good kind of different. The brooding “It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference” was among the choices, and it was an opportunity for Rundgren to show off his best. With a dramatic maturity, his tone resembles Roy Orbison’s a great deal.

But if this whole music thing doesn’t work out, Todd could always consider a career in live comedy. “There’s this rumor out there in the papers that this show was going to be all about my blues album. But that hasn’t come out yet,” he told the crowd. “They said it was going to be a butt-load of blues tonight. I’m not sure what your butt will be full of, but it won’t be blues.”


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  1. Posted by sara cheri on July 18th, 2011, 19:27 [Reply]

    Todd is so wonderful. Anyone who hasn’t realized his brilliance is so missing out.I love him & have since the 70′s. He is a true rock trouper..& nobody around today can even come close to his wonderful talents!

  2. Posted by FirstLoser on September 26th, 2011, 21:46 [Reply]

    Todd is still God.


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