Dokken + Lynch Mob Next Year?

Published on September 6th, 2009


The world of rock and roll wouldn’t be complete without a good dosage of infighting, and if you ask any Dokken fan, they are sure to give you the full story behind the tumultuous relationship between frontman Don Dokken and former guitarist George Lynch. It was infighting that triggered the band’s breakup in 1988, and again in 1997. Although a certifiable guitar genius, Lynch has proven himself to be rather unpredictable and at times difficult to work with. It may be his unpredictable side that’s responsible for a new wave of buzz about a possible reunion of sorts for the two. Here’s the scoop, brought to you by Lynch himself:

I’m talking a little preemptively here, but one of the things on the table is a potential Dokken/Lynch Mob tour — kind of like that WWF spectacle where you come out with all that history and get people talking, and that’s always good. And we’ll play some Dokken songs as well in our set. And they’re welcome to play some Lynch Mob songs, but that’s not gonna happen…I’m kidding.

But would this mean a shared stage between Don Dokken and George Lynch? “Absolutely. That [would] be part of the deal. I’d come out at the end and we’d have a little reunion, and it’d be awesome. Me and Don could come out, make out for a while, and then we’d dive into a couple of old Dokken songs for old times’ sake.

We’ll be following the story as it develops.

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