Live Review: Steven Tyler Takes Severe Stage Fall During Sturgis Aerosmith Gig

Published on August 11th, 2009


August 5, 2009 – On a cool Wednesday night, two unique events combined to create perhaps the most memorable moments ever to occur during a Sturgis Rally. Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Aerosmith played to a crowd that was perhaps as large as 60,000, but before they could finish out what began as an adrenaline charged performance, lead singer Steven Tyler took a tough tumble off the stage thrust and it all ended too soon.

Before the fall, every element that goes into the creation of a tremendous live concert had fallen into place. Rain soaked the large crowd an hour before showtime, dampening clothing but not attitude. Campers and bikers joined forces with a parade of cars entering the Buffalo Chip Campground just for the Aerosmith concert and chatter was abuzz about the great night of rock that was just ahead. Those who had VIP tickets got the ultimate experience when they met the band backstage, and Saving Abel gave a rousing set of non-stop energy that provided a standard for the rest of the night. And the band from Boston. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer, and David Hull (filling in for a sidelined Tom Hamilton) worked to give Sturgis a show that reminded all in attendance of the fact that no band on earth can do it quite like Aerosmith.

The band’s entrance was anything but typical for a band with such stature. Instead of the usual curtain drop, Steven Tyler appeared anxious to get out and sing as he stood in the dark near the drum kit. The show was already delayed due to the rain storm, and finally he had enough and walked out to his mic stand. The crowd went wild, and although it wasn’t clear what song the band would open with as nearly a week had passed since the last show, the ominous guitar riffing made it clear that “Back in the Saddle” was up.

Tyler took the fans back to the ’70s, sounding solid and single-handedly creating his very own stage show with a tasseled mic, silver coat and matching hat. Joe Perry showed off the slick guitar perfection he is known for while flaunting his own unique stage presence. Just like the crowd, Aerosmith’s show took on a larger than life existence.

During “Ragdoll“, Tyler was having a great night as he scaled a side-stage ramp while singing the lyric “Yes I’m Movin” He spent some time near the drum set before coming down the other side to do arm curls with his microphone stand while Joe Perry worked the slide guitar. All the while a constantly cheering crowd hailed the reigning kings of rock and roll. “Dream On” and “Walkin’ the Dog” gave Tyler a chance to let loose on his raspy screams, which came through the speakers with stunning clarity. With the looks and voice still intact, the singer is still the ultimate frontman package.

Brad Whitford riffed away on stage right, and David Hull joined drummer Joey Kramer to complete the rhythm section. “Love in an Elevator” saw the band breaking further into a tight groove as Tyler went into a vocal freestyle and Perry electrified the crowd with a blistering solo. Just as the guitarist reached the peak of the solo, however, a chain of events began that would make this particular Aerosmith show one for the history books.

A fuse to the sound system became overloaded and blew, but behind all the technical information was the simple fact that the crowd could no longer hear Aerosmith. The band gathered near the drum set and shared the crowd’s confusion as they tried to figure out their next move. Steven Tyler had a plan as he walked out on the stage thrust to a roar of cheers – everyone was happy to see the singer coming closer. The encouragement continued as he began to dance, but his trademark moves quickly landed him off stage as his foot lost traction. Everyone’s heart seemed to stop as the reality of the situation began to sink in. Some 45 seconds elapsed before Tyler was finally lifted out of the crowd appearing visibly shaken but able to walk himself off stage with assistance.

A half hour later, Joe Perry addressed the crowd with the sad news that his brother in arms had been taken to the hospital and the show could not continue. And so ended the band’s performance at the Buffalo Chip, and perhaps the rest of the Aerosmith/ZZ Top tour. We wish Steven Tyler the very best in his recovery and encourage all of you reading this to leave a positive message here for the singer. The crowd in Sturgis got a taste of Aerosmith’s ability to deliver an intense and ground-shaking rock show, and fans couldn’t be more eager to see a recuperated Tyler regain his rightful place on stage with the band.

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  1. Posted by Shelby on August 11th, 2009, 21:53 [Reply]

    thanks soooo much for sharing!

  2. Posted by Jessica Lantz on August 13th, 2009, 11:00 [Reply]

    Dear Steven Tyler,
    It’s so terrible that you were hurt!!! =( =( =(
    It makes me extremely depressed that my hero has been wounded in battle… Please get well soon and keep a sense of humor!!!
    AEROSMITH IS THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!! I first discovered the music of the gods when I got guitar hero Aerosmith, and I fell in Love. I don’t wanna seem too sappy, sorry, but its all true!I might be your youngest fan! Ya see, I am only 13, but I am just as loyal as any older fan you might have! Aerosmith’s music is an inspiration to me, the absolute RAW emotion in some of your songs is astounding, mesmerizing,and eye-opening! I can FEEL Dream on and Fly Away from here and SO many others! Like you Steven Tyler the Great, I get my emotion from music, and you are a genius! My only three wishes are to #1 meet Aerosmith, #2 see Aerosmith live, and #3 one day be as great as you! Oh, and #4 That you get better soon! Sorry! Keep on rockin’ my world and feel better!
    . …………… /…./
    …./… I….I..(¯¯¯`
    …I…..I´¯.I´¯.I…..)ROCK ON!!!!
    ……..` ¯..¯ ´…….’

    With Much Love,
    Jessica Lantz

  3. Posted by Mimi Laur on August 16th, 2009, 01:04 [Reply]

    My dearest Steven Tyler.I was devastated about your injury at Stugis.I was so devastated I cried.I’m a member of Aeroforceone,your special website.i was a bit disappointed about the info on after Aug.5.Perry’s radio interviews gave little info about your injuries and more about his solo.I loved Aerosmith since I was givin tickets at 10,my first concert.One look at your face and beautiful voice,and I fell head over heals and have been since.My dream was to meet u,and I finally got my chance when I purchased the Wheels up package,at the Bank Atlantic in Florida.I,m just glad your o.k.Even though I missed the concert.2500.00 wasn’t easy to come by when your disabled,saved it a long time.Won’t get it all back,but I’m so in luv wit u,it was worth every penny.I just hope you’ll be back soon.If u get this letter, please write me something back at http.//’m not well and in bad spirits,my own fault, from a stupid past lifestyle

  4. Posted by Mimi Laur on August 16th, 2009, 04:25 [Reply]

    To Steven,(from previous page)I want u 2 no wat an inspiration u r 2 me.Not just as a performer,but as an amazing person,but a loving father.Got 3 kids myself, that r my whole life.I’ve always was da girl who always tried 2 find da good,in bad men-thought i could change em. They all left, never paid support,and I never asked or kept them from da kids.Was a damn good bartender 4 many years and always time 4 my kids.I got major lung surgery some yrs back that rendered me disabled,almost killed me,and lead me down a path of pill addiction.I’m a nice Christian girl,the Lord my kids,Mom&u kept me from ending it all,but watching u on da web pulls me from depression everyday.I’m not nuts or a stalker.It takes guts to do what you’ve done,&4that yer my hero.I no your a busy man,but please write me on 2 see u soon.God bless you.May u recover quickly,so I can finally meet you.I LUV U STEVEN.All my love,Mimi


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