Live Review: America Summons the Seventies on Tour Opener in Atlantic City

Published on June 2nd, 2014

AmericaAmerica performing the first night of their summer tour at Resorts AC in Atlantic City, N.J. on May 31, 2014

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – “That’s my partner, Dewey Bunnell!”

It’s how Gerry Beckley has announced his America bandmate for countless years.

And he said it again shortly after the band took to the stage before a sold out crowd at the Resorts Theater in Atlantic City. The show was the first of an ambitious summer tour which will bring them to all corners of the United States along with France, Italy, and Israel.

Although they began as a threesome, for 37 years it’s been founding members Bunnell and Beckley side by side, giving Hall and Oates a run for their money as one of the longest running musical pairings.

Even more remarkable is the fact the two can still harmonize as if it’s 1973.

In what must be interpreted as a testament to the “use it or lose it” philosophy of regular touring, their voices are in pristine form.

With these two at the helm trading lead vocals and a talented band led by bassist Richard Campbell behind them, this 44-year-old band had no trouble winding back the clock to a time when “Horse with No Name” was inescapable on the radio.

The only difference now is their songs are also inescapable in movies, on television, Youtube, and even on other bands’ albums.

But it’s not just American Hustle that’s keeping America hip.

Beckley beams with hipster cred in a pair of vintage eyeglasses that look like they could have originated at Urban Outfitters.

But be assured his taste in eyewear is more sophisticated than that.

While embracing the future, the trademark vocal hooks that made them a household name in the 1970s have hardly gathered a speck of dust.

And those harmonious chants, who could forget them?

Ventura Highway: Did di di di dit

Sister Golden Hair: Doo wop doo wop

The Atlantic City crowd certainly remembered.

As the crowd cheered them on, Beckley and Bunnell oozed pure class and appreciation. They’re having plenty of fun, too.

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